4 – Elettrotreno Settebello at 7 elements

It seemed it had been produced in a single piece for the Baritone Gino Bechi, but a few dozen of it were then made ​​on order or assembled by workers of Conti.


We know at least ten collectors who own it, of which one collector has the Settebello in alternate power and so to be judged undoubtedly very rare and among other things coming from the Collection of the Count GiansantiColuzzi and  awarded to a Christie’s auction of the sixties

It is possible that this Settebello, note the deep friendship between Giansanti Coluzzi and Gino Bechi, was belonged to the illustrious baritone who sold or gave it to the Swiss Noble.

The Collector (anonymous) who now owns that Settebello, maybe, he does not know that he is holding the number one piece of the Top of the Top of Conti.

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