The Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel

If I think of the blue in the ancient painting, the first image that comes to the eyes is the Scrovegni Chapel ….

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Despite the reservations required and the limited time that is allowed for the visit, I never tire of reviewing this masterpiece of the XIV century.
Commissioned to Giotto by the wealthy Paduan banker Enrico Scrovegni, who here offers as a gift  the same chapel to the Virgin Mary ….

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… It is completely painted all the interior with paintings probably inspired by the theologian Augustinian Alberto from Padua.
 The first three registers include the series of paintings based on the theme of salvation,

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on the stories of Christ, from Joachim and the Virgin Mary

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until the Pentecost.

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 The fourth register is

Scr 06

Vices and Virtues … ..

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… Follow the “path of the seventh day” which starts from the birth of the Church to reach the Last Judgement located on the counter, at the end of which one enters the eighth day, in the eternity of Hell and Heaven.

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If we compare these paintings with the Stories of Saint Francis painted by Giotto in Assisi , we are seeing greater refinement in the means of expression, a stronger mastery of composition, of gestures and color scheme in general.
Speaking of colors is apparent the dominance of the light blue and blue, used for funds, sky, walls, clothes, and architectural elements.

Scr 09
At the age of Giotto that color, derived from the pigment called azurite, was the most expensive of all, after the gold, but Enrico Scrovegni, to earn Heaven, was willing to open the purse strings ….

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