Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

There are two reasons to approach to the work of Richard Hamilton and sets Conti – Bub.

Both are the result of “collage” and, at least in intention, “pop” that is intended for a wide audience.
From a modest family of Pimlico, Richard Hamilton (London 1922 – London 2011) …

… Before entering the world of the art, working as an apprentice, then as a laborer and, after World War II, as a draftsman. One of his first collage titled “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? “……

… .produced in 1956 for the exhibition “This is Tomorrow” Independent Group at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London, is considered the first work of Pop Art.
Rather eclectic and inventive artist Richard Hamilton is involved in a project for the construction


of a series of illustrations for James Joyce’s Ulysses ……

Rh 04
… He is working on a trilogy of paintings based on the conflicts in Northern Ireland ….

rh 05
… .then, the mid-60s Hamilton produced a series of prints entitled “Swingeing London” based on the arrest of Fraser with Mick Jagger for drug possession … ..

rh 06
This connection with the pop music scene of the ’60s continued in friendship with Paul McCartney, who led Hamilton to create a collage for the interior of the “White Album” by the Beatles

Many of his works


are displayed


in many museums …


including the Tate Gallery in London.


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